These are the best ones

Britney Spears Was Never in Control, 2021

The Special Panic of Singing Sondheim, 2021

TGmail e-zine, 2021

Letter to the Future, 2020

Who Would I Be Without Instagram?, 2019

Rookie goodbye letter, 2018

These are part of the journey (life)

The Diary of a 13-Year-Old Fashion Blogger at Fashion Week, 2019

Fashion Fan Fiction, 2019

POETRY portfolio introduction, 2015

Just Kidding, Love Sucks: Notes on Taylor Swift, 2013

These sort of give the arc of Rookie

Evolution, 2018

Utopia, 2018

Lust for Life, 2017

Forever, 2013

Beginnings, 2011

The rest of Tavi's Rookie writing can be found here.

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